About Disaş
Disaş was founded by the pioneer electrical engineers of the Turkish electromechanics field of 1960s, under the name of  "Diskjonktör ve Elektrik Malzemeleri İmalat ve İthalat Sanayi ve Ticaret Şirketi" in 1976.

Disaş is the first surge arrester producer in Turkey. Disaş follows the latest technological advancements and applies them when or where possible. Through the application of this disciplinary pattern and consistency in high quality service, Disaş becomes not only the leader of the Turkish surge arrester market, but also one of the pioneer surge arrester manufacturers of the Balkans, Middle East and Asia.

Disaş aims to be known as an efficient and accurate service providing company with its qualified and trusted production. According to ISO9001:2000 quality management system, Disaş states its quality management policy as follows:

Disaş has to:

    -keep the current level of quality and improve it to a higher level according to the needs and demands of its customers
    -keep its production aimed to satisfy the customers by adopting the national and international standarts
    -keep on increasing its market share in constantly changing environment of competition
    -improve its system efficiency constantly by applying the requirements of quality management system

in order to achieve a quality management policy.

Disaş's certificates that show production standarts as follows;

What does Disaş manufacture?

Briefly, Disaş manufactures surge arresters that protect electricity distribution lines from the damages of overvoltages. Apart from Turkey, the target markets of Disaş are  France, Turkic Republics, Iraq, Macedonia and Syria. The main Turkish customers of Disaş are Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the companies that provide electricity services and distribute energy, and the factories.

Disaş manufactures surge arresters for low, medium, high and very high voltage lines by using silicone or porcelain insulators. When demanded, Disaş can also can manufacture custom surge arresters. Moreover, Disaş is the one and only very high voltage surge arrester manufacturer company in Turkey.

You can visit the “products” section of our web site to get detailed technical informations about the surge arresters that we manufacture.  For any marketing related questions, suggestions, complaints or enquiries, please e-mail us from the “contact us” section.

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