Welcome to the website of Disaş. Here, you can find detailed and up-to-date informations about the surge arresters that we manufacture, and you can be informed about our organizational structure, which enables us to be known as a different and exclusive company in the field of surge arrester production. We believe that the technical informations in our website will provide you convenience while you are surveying our products.


What is a surge arrester?

Surge arrester is a protective device designed via a connection between the conductor of an electrical system and the ground in order to protect the electrical equipment from the damages caused by transient state voltages formed by lightning induction.

Disaş manufactures surge arresters for low, medium, high and very high voltage lines by using silicone or porcelain insulators. When demanded, Disaş can also can manufacture custom surge arresters. Moreover, Disaş is the one and only very high voltage surge arrester manufacturer company in Turkey.

R&D News

- Disaş is the only TSE certificate holding high and very high voltage surge arrester manufacturer in Turkey.

- Disaş finished designing a new very high voltage polimer surge arrester model, which is at the process of testing recently.

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